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Here at TIPA Studio, we believe that everyone has amazing stories to share. We love to take those stories and create a visual experience that not only delivers the words but the emotions that go along with them. This industry is constantly evolving and advancing, and we do the same. Not because we have to, but because it is our passion. With our skilled team and constant drive to learn and grow, we believe that we offer a valuable resource to help share those stories.

Let’s get to work.

We strive to provide a Professional and reliable source for any of your Filming or Social media needs.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Studio”

  1. I have worked with Tipa a lot. They are amazing! The heart, sole, and quality they put into my projects matched that of my passion. I look forward to my future projects that they will help me complete.


  2. My name is Tom Miles, I am cofounder of Dover Paranormal Research Team in Dover, PA. We met Josh when w first got involved in the paranormal. He was a big help and mentor to us. We watched his business expand and grow. We’ve had him and Maryann to the east coast where he did a documentary of our team and a segment on me being a disabled paranormal investigator. The are great to work with, they listen to what your thinking and make it happen on film.

    Tom Miles
    Case Manager
    Dover Paranormal Research Team
    Dover, PA 17315


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