Here we go Adobe Premiere


We filmed a couple of interviews (Last minute decision) in Virginia city for a friend out there. We shot with a canon hg30, Nikon d3100 along with a sony handy cam. We also ran 2 mics and ran a HDMI cable from the canon to my laptop where i used the OBS software to moniter the shot and record the audio from a USB audio interface along with it.

After getting back home I started to sync up my footage in Adobe Premiere 19. Granted I am new at this software it’s a learning experience every time I open it. So first I uploaded all the footage into separate folders on my hard drive naming each file the camera type. Canon, Sony, Interface, and Nikon. This helped me to tell easier what shots were where. Then I proceeded to load them into Premiere under separate bins. again to help keep things organized. After loading everything in I layed down the interface track (for audio) then brought in the footage from the Nikon.

I learned that there was an auto-sync feature that matches up separate audio sources so I wouldn’t have to do it manually saving a lot of time.

I then created a link between the two files so I could move them around together without needing to re-Sync every time. I then proceeded to add the other camera footage and continued to sync everything together in the correct positions. I know there is a better way to arrange the multi-camera settings in premiere but this time I chose to take this route to see the difference editing and selecting the different shots for the audio running. It Did take longer to edit the cuts but the final render i was happy with either way.

So for those who are still figuring this out i would recommend learning how to do the audio synce feature by selecting 2 audio tracks recorded at the same time right click and go to synchronize. Wonderful time saver tool that adobe provides. Here is the video we created with this approach: